Thursday, September 25, 2008

Powell's Sweet Shoppe: Willow Glen Kid's Flea Market

Shortly after returning from the Western Foodservice Show in Los Angeles, the Duke Marketing team was off to assist a special Labor Day weekend event for Powell’s Sweet Shoppe in Willow Glen. The event-taking place was a children’s flea market. The children of Willow Glen and neighboring towns signed up for spaces that would be blocked off in the parking lot across the street from the Powell’s Sweet Shoppe location. Before the week was over, Powell’s had over 100 kids sign up for the event. Kids were to bring their old toys, games and whatever other items from their home to sell at their flea market tables. During the day of the flea market kids would get to enjoy an entire day full of sweet confections, contests for hula hooping, bubble gum blowing and cotton candy eating, as well as face painting and balloons.
On the day of the flea market, Duke Marketing arrived bright and early to manage the raffle slips and contests for the day. Powell’s was having a gumball-guessing contest and the lucky winner would receive candy for a whole year at the Willow Glen Powell’s Sweet Shoppe. Kids were so excited to win candy and sign up for the contests that by 11:30 in the morning we had almost collected everyone’s contact information and had 50 kids signed up for each contest.

Let the games begin…
Just before noon, the contests began with the most popular, cotton candy eating contest. Contestants were competing to see who could eat the designated amount of cotton candy in the shortest amount of time. It was hilarious to see the kids get their faces covered in sticky cotton candy and get so excited about participating in the contest. After the cotton candy eating we had bubble gum blowing contest to see what kid (or adults!) could blow the biggest bubble. After two practice rounds the contestants were ready to begin. It was unbelievable how big some of the contestants blew their bubbles. Right after this contests, tons of kids started lining up for the hula-hoop contest. The contest went in three rounds and one of the younger girls competing kept her hula-hoop going without dropping it through all three rounds!

The flea market…

Throughout the event, the Duke Marketing team snuck a few moments to talk to guests, get a little silly and check out all the toys that the kids had for sale. There were tons of stuffed animals, books, and clothes. Linda even purchased some of the more irresistible items such as a vintage fire truck toy, a book about teen stars (for her nieces) and a stuffed Hello Kitty (for Laura).

Powell’s printed coupons that could be used during Labor Day weekend for all the parents to thank them for supporting and participating in the event. And at the end of the day Powell’s employees helped pass out goodie bags to all the participants in the flea market. Each child received a $5 gift certificate and an assortment of candy, which some had been anticipating all day. Powell’s made sure to clean up the parking lot just how they left it to keep positive relationships in the community and even arranged for a donation truck to come at the culmination of the event to take away any of the items that didn’t sell.

Overall, the Powell’s event went great! Before the event, Powell’s was having some trouble driving traffic to the Willow Glen location. The purpose of this event was to remind community members about Powell’s by having a fun, family oriented activity on a popular holiday weekend. Even though most of the people that participated or came to the event already knew about Powell’s, it was a great way to reach out to the community, touch lapsed guests and collect contact information of all the people that visited. Giving away gift certificates and coupons to children and parents, insured that participants would return to Powell’s to redeem their prizes, hopefully assisting Powell’s sales. The owner got to know his most important target market, families with children. The newspaper even came by at the very end to interview the owner about the event, which helped Powell’s receive wonderful publicity.

To learn more about Powell’s Sweet Shoppe visit:

To learn how to throw your own community event use Recipes for Restaurateurs for detailed instructions!

And more photos because the kids were so cute:

The Girl Scouts came!

And the Boy Scouts too!

The balloon boy

All the kids were so excited to sell their unwanted toys

This little girl found a cool truck to buy

This little girl was happy just sitting at her booth

Awesome playhouse!

Trading places

Cool pirate ship

The proud buyer of this miniature horse

Perfect size

The most precious puppy


Candy makes this tiger happy

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