Thursday, November 20, 2008

24 Hours in Canada Part Deux

After a long flight, Linda and Mike crashed early and were well rested for the Boston Pizza Conference the following morning. Linda was going to be speaking to 130 community relations coordinators and franchisees about ways to increase sales using Recipes for Restaurateurs. Each of the attendees was given a copy of Linda’s book (however, they didn’t get them immediately because the books were held up in customs for a few days). Linda presented motivating two-hour keynote session that got the entire Boston Pizza attendees fired up about strengthening their marketing efforts. Linda and Mike had a great time and even caught some footage of Linda speaking (hopefully coming to the blog soon!). At the conclusion of the session, Linda was presented with a beautiful Cross Pen to thank her for her great speech. Shortly after the conference concluded, Linda and Mike were back to the airport; gliding through customs and purchasing delicious Maple Almonds to share with the Duke Marketing staff back home.

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