Thursday, December 18, 2008

Duke Marketing Visits Grand Traverse Pie Company

The Duke Marketing team recently traveled to The Cherry Capitol of the United States, Traverse City, located in the northern lake region of Michigan. Linda and Michael were invited to Traverse City by our client Grand Traverse Pie Company, a fast casual brand with seventeen locations throughout the Michigan area. Traverse City has over 3.8 million tart cherry trees, the right kind for making the perfect pie. The local cherries have inspired all kinds of delicious creations such as sweets, chutneys, jams and even a cherry infused hamburger. Every July Traverse City hosts a National Cherry Festival.

The Duke Marketing team, born and raised in California, had never witnessed the kind of weather this trip had in store. The temperatures were mostly around 20° with a wind chills around 10°. This was a shock for Linda and Michael because the Bay Area rarely gets below the 40’s, even in the middle of winter. Linda was so excited to see all the snow, she got to shovel snow in front of the Grand Traverse Pie Company Store, something she had never done before. Traverse City was COLD!

The Duke Marketing team worked with the Grand Traverse Pie Company to develop a new marketing plan for 2009. Linda and Michael also got to try some of the Pie Company’s newest Culinary Creations—specialty sandwiches, always a Duke Marketing favorite!
The Pie Guy (the owner of GTPC), Mike Busley and his wife Denise, took Linda and Michael to the Cherry Republic, a very popular brand in Glen Arbor that specializes in all things cherry, from jams, to BBQ sauces, to bath products. Despite the freezing temperatures and a blizzard, old town Glen Arbor was beautiful. Linda captured some wonderful photographs—a sunset on Lake Michigan and the Boon Docks and Lost Souls (a totem pole of lost shoes). The group had a great lunch at a famous burger dive called Art’s.

The beautiful snowy weather created an atmosphere for beautiful photographs. Throughout the trip, Linda captured some magnificent photos of the Michigan landscape, including an old barn, a hillside topped with snow, the lake surrounded with cherry trees, many Christmas lights and picturesque icicles. Perhaps some of the most beautiful photographs however, were of the bright red cherries, which provided an amazing contrast against the stark white snow, they were truly unreal.

With so much snow, the return flight to California was cancelled and the team had to ship their luggage back Fed-X or it wouldn’t make it on the next plane!

The Duke Marketing Team had a wonderful time experiencing a real winter wonderland. Most of all, they loved getting fresh slices of the Duke Marketing’s favorite cherry pie. The MOST delicious pie we have ever tasted!

Photos Linda Captured:

In the middle of a blizzard


The beautiful old barn

An old building, abandoned for the winter

A winter sunset on Lake Michigan

Red cherry trees in the midst of snowy white

Christmas trees and cherries that are so pretty they look like ornaments

Real icicles!

Snowy trees

Cherry Capitol of the USA

More icicles

Mike can't find much when the map is frozen over

Traverse City at night

The Mikes! (Mike Fagan, left, Mike Busley, right)

Linda covered with snow

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