Monday, January 12, 2009

Duke Marketing Brings in the New Year with US Foodservice Representatives in Denver

Recently, Duke Marketing Team traveled to Denver, Colorado to speak at the US Foodservice Denver Division 2009 Kickoff Meeting. US Foodservice is the second largest food distributor in the United States, so this was a wonderful opportunity for Duke Marketing. Linda, the keynote speaker, provided a motivational speech to 180 attendees. The US Foodservice Representatives were very excited to learn creative solutions to provide to their restaurant operator customers for 2009. The Duke Marketing Team also raffled off a copy of Recipes for Restaurateurs to a lucky winner that was thrilled to get his own personal copy of the book as a gift. Linda raised the already high spirits of the representatives, demonstrating that even in a tough economy there are always solutions that can make a difference. Linda used tactics from Recipes for Restaurateurs to show the Denver Representatives marketing solutions can be learned easily and explained to others. So far 2009 is proving to be a positive year for the Duke Marketing Team!

US Foodservice Representatives with Linda Duke, the bit of red amongst blue jeans and black tops

Attentive Denver Representatives during Linda Duke's keynote session

Recipes for Restaurateurs raffle winner with Linda Duke

The amazing Denver sunrise provided the Duke Marketing Team with creative inspiration for the entire day

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