Monday, January 26, 2009

Duke Marketing puts on successful Firewood VIP Tasting Party in Napa

Duke Marketing coordinated a VIP Tasting Event for a new location in Napa for Firewood Café, a seven unit fast casual brand, based in San Francisco . The event was planned to introduce the local community VIP’s and the media to the new restaurant and providing tastes of their best menu items.

The VIP party included the Chamber of Commerce official ribbon cutting, and the Napa Mayor, Jill Techel and 15 chamber ambassadors presided over the ceremony. The event also served as a media opportunity for newspaper, magazine and radio reporters. Food editors were delighted and have stories for their upcoming publications.

Every guest was asked to sign-in at the door to capture their email address and use the slips for a drawing to give-away gift certificates.

One of the restaurant’s wine vendors, Nine North, provided wine tasting and over 100 guests enjoyed the tastes of Firewood’s award-winning wood-fired pizzas, tortellini’s and more.

“In order to increase awareness and sales for any new restaurant, it is imperative to become friends with the most important people in the community,” says Linda Duke. “Many operators don’t realize how important having these VIP ‘s come in and taste the food and experience the restaurant is to driving sales. More than 60 percent of the guests had never been to the restaurant which was open for a couple of months before the party. The cost to put on a tasting event is minimal compared to the return of word of mouth that is spread right after the event.”

Restaurant operators who want to do something similar, such as hosting a VIP Tasting Event, can find the recipe with ingredients needed, directions to follow and easy steps to execute in Linda Duke’s book, “Recipes for Restaurateurs”

Photos from the event:

Napa Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

Raffle Winner #1

Raffle Winner #2

Raffle Winner #3

Julia and Laura of Duke Marketing collecting clubs and handing out VIP necklaces

Cute kids enjoying the party

Happy Chamber of Commerce Ambassador enjoying food and wine

Firewood employees working hard

Firewood Cafe owner with mayor Jill Techel

Firewood Cafe General Manager (left) enjoying wine with a guest

More content guests

Food and tasting menu

A full restaurant after the party was over

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