Monday, February 23, 2009

Hollywood or BUST!

Linda Duke, CEO of Duke Marketing, was invited to Hollywood to pitch some ideas for food related television shows. The Los Angeles sky was clear since the recent had rain washed the typical LA smog away and the San Bernardino Mountains were covered in snow. The temperature was about 68-76 on Friday Feb. 20th.

Duke visited High Noon Entertainment,, producers of Food Network shows Unwrapped, Ultimate Recipe Showdown, Food Network Challenge, Rachael’s Vacations, and more. Linda took a photo of herself and the sign to prove she was there! Nice forehead!

Then it was off to Authentic Entertainment,, in Burbank at their new production facility. Linda snapped a photo in front of their building. Having worked with Authentic before to produce The Secret Life of….Fish Tacos with her client, Ralph Rubio and Rubio’s Restaurants, Linda was confident to share her ideas with this detail-oriented group of creatives. Their studio produces shows for many television networks including the popular Ace of Cakes and Will Work for Food for Food Network, and Toddlers & Tiaras coming out on TLC.

Although it is still a long shot if anything comes to fruition, Linda was excited about the response to her ideas.

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