Thursday, April 16, 2009

Very good article about an unfortunate subject. Although there are many wonderful things a restaurateur can do to promote their business with social media and video, these “employees gone wild” video posts are tragic and make a restaurant brand work even harder to win over consumers.

My recommendation to any operator with employee videos that reach the negative PR catagory–wake up! Social Media is here to stay. Get these kids to create employee videos worth posting online. Hold an employee contest to see which employee produces the BEST video (provide criteria) about the mission of the company or a new menu item, and offer a cash prize. This will be cheaper than hiring a professional production company and more believable once posted online. This will engage the time-wasters in your stores with a creative and positive incentive to do good.

Finally, issue a statement and publicize the employees online video work and make good use of the media relationships you have. Its time to make online social media contacts. Keep this practice up and make sure you have more POSITIVE news and control over online communications instead of it controlling you!

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