Tuesday, September 15, 2009

National Restaurant Association Partners with Fast Casual Alliance

Group to be integrated under Association umbrella as Fast Casual Alliance – NRA Industry Council

The National Restaurant Association today announced a partnership with the Fast Casual Alliance (FCA), an industry group that works to advance the business of fast casual restaurants and raise consumer awareness, at the Fast Casual Executive Summit in Dallas. The group will be integrated into the Association’s structure to become the Fast Casual Alliance – An NRA Industry Council and will serve as a model for development of future National Restaurant Association industry councils. Former Association Chairman Michael Kaufman made a special address to Summit attendees, underscoring the READ MORE click link below


Linda Duke, CEO of Duke Marketing who also serves as secretary of the Executive Board of Directors of the Fast Casual Alliance commented, "As one of the first members of the FCA and board of directors, I am honored to be part of this growing segment in the restaurant industry which is chaning the way people eat and to help gain awareness for the industry with our new partner the NRA."

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