Friday, October 9, 2009

Goliath vs. Goliath ---Subway vs. McDonald's

While visiting my dad for his 75th birthday in Sacramento I read about some interesting numbers from the Sacramento Bee regarding Subway's recent announcement of out numbering McDonalds in terms of number of locations.

In greater Sacramento there are:

93 Subway locations
84 Starbucks
60 McDonald's
46 Taco Bell
34 Carl's Jr.

One of my clients, Togo's Sandwiches has 30 locations in Sacramento Area, but they are obviously out numbered 3-1 by Subway!

Thoughts? Other numbers in your city?

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  1. Chains can all too often canabalize their own stores with over saturation. From corporate's viewpoint, they are expanding and mining every income opportunity in a region. If the chain is a franchise, well, talk to the franchisee. Often they feel there are too many and that their individual sales are not what they could be.