Friday, October 30, 2009

Wrap up PR at CAL event

Last night, Linda spoke on a panel with six other public relations experts at UC Berkeley. The panelists discussed the topic Climbing the Social (Media) Ladder- Exploring New PR/ Marketing With the Pros to the students of Haas Business School. The event, which was coordinated by the club PR at Cal, was focused around the three questions:

1. Now that new media is becoming so much more prominent, do you think traditional media still has any relevance?
2. In what ways do you use social media to promote your clients or your company?
3. What advice do you have for students looking for a career in new media marketing and PR?

The panel provided dynamic answers and invaluable real world answers from their own experiences with social media. As social media has become such a huge trend and part of many businesses, many people, including the students who use these devices wonder how they can use social media to their advantage when they embark on the workforce. One of the panelists suggested using social media on your own time, figuring out which programs work best and for what purpose. Linda gave great advice letting students know that social media outlets may provide new channels to communicate but no matter the channel the message must always be well written and must be news for people to get excited. The avenues for communication may change, but the basics of public relations, like good communication skills, writing and forming valuable relationships does not.

After the panelist discussion, students met with the speakers at dinner tables for networking and questions. This was the most exciting part of the event and the students really looked up to Linda for her experience and advice for the workforce. Linda shared personal stories with the students and engaged the students one on one.

The Duke Team would like to give a big thanks to Sharon Ma the coordinator who helped Linda make one of her all time goals! We all had a great time.

Sharron Ma (left) with Linda Duke (right)

Students mingling before the event

Panelists, Linda Duke in red!

UC Berkeley student and Linda, both in red

Duke's name plate at dinner networking table

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