Friday, February 5, 2010

After reviewing the most recent issue of Franchise Times, I decided to cut out every advertisement by a sandwich brand in the February issue. Six print ads in all and each offering prespective franchises the opportunity to own a sandwich franchise.
How does one choose? Interesting how many of the subs or sandwiches look the same, and all use similar copy to differentiate their brand.
  • Capriotti's says "Voted the Greatest Sandwich in America"
  • Earl of Sandwich says, "The World's Greatest Hot Sandwich"
  • Jersey Mike's says, "The only TRUE authentic sub sandwich...since 1956"
  • Jimmy John's says, "America's Favorite Sandwich Franchise"
  • Schlotzsky's says, "Everything'z Lotz Better"

None of these really answer the question, why are they better? Consumers are confused by all these brands and add on top of that Subway and Quiznos and their $5 footlongs and you've got yourself a whole lotta sandwich brands trying to stand out in the cluttered market.

Which brand will take the next lead?

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