Monday, October 4, 2010


Francis Ford Coppola's Newest Winery an Experience Like No Other

A recent visit to the famed movie mogul's newest winery, Francis Ford Coppola's Coppola Winery in Geyserville was an incredible experience. Having been a visitor to Coppola's other winery in Rutherford, Rubicon, at Francis' guest house and at the winery previously known as Inglenook, or the oldest winery in Napa, I knew that this new winery was going to be spectacular and it did not disappoint.

The new winery is right off highway 101 as you pass Windor and Healdsburg north of Santa Rosa. It is perched in a gorgeous valley with hillsides covered in grapes. The harvest is near, but on our visit they were still hanging in bunches in the warm sun and Indian summer 95 degrees we had the day of our visit.

The idea behind the new winery was to build a show place for Francis' movie memorabilia and a recreation place complete with a swimming pool and cabanas (which was still under construction.) Besides the amazing movie costumes and props, the car featured in the movie Tucker was on display in a castle-sized room with towering ceilings and an amazing spiral staircase suspended to each level with gourmet items, wines and accessories all branded with the Coppola family names and stories.

Rustic, the Coppola winery's new restaurant was also an amazing experience. The chef was on hand grilling vegetables for the lunch rush and on the patio surrounded by fresh herbs and flowers we sat under the striped umbrella's to enjoy the view and some pizza.

The white coat servers brought out a white small paper bag with a hot binet in it to dip in their 30 year old balsamic and grown locally olive oil. I would have rather had some Italian foccacia, but it was a nice touch. Every condiment on the table was branded with Francis's logo and stories. The hot peppers were a family tradition and the story telling is part of why everything to Francis is entertainment--including his restaurant.

We ordered the pizza with fresh arugula and oregano (picked from right behind us in the garden) since we wanted to see how the Coppola family is used to eating their Neapolitan-style pizza -thin crust. It was delicious.

The movie sets and props that were on display at the winery were very cool. The cocktail glass that was used in Apocolypse Now and the torture cells were great for photos! The dracula costumes and of course the wall display of Francis' oscars were incredible.

The beautiful new winery has wine tasting rooms inside and out, merchandise and bars every where you look. It feels like walking in a comfortable and intriguing modern winery. It's like Disneyland and Jurassic Park for foodies and a wine the heart of the wine country!

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  1. what a fantastic visit - and the images you captured really set the scene! nicely done