Thursday, November 11, 2010

Watch the sights and sounds of New Orleans -Click Video above

Restaurant Marketing Magazine Debuts in the Big Easy

New Orleans, the Big Easy or NOLA as the locals call it was welcoming to the recent IFEC event held November 7th- 10th. With a room right on Bourbon Street and the Sunday night football game win for the Saints, it made for a fun welcome reception for the entire group.

599 books were donated to the Southern Food & Beverage Museum and Linda Duke put the number to 600 with a signed copy of Recipes for Restaurateurs she donated to the museum.

Restaurant Marketing Magazine made its debut along with 26 other publications participating at the annual event. Michael Fagen, president of Duke Marketing Publishing was the acting editor for the "Office Hours" session when publists meet with editors for ten minutes at a time to pitch story ideas for 2011 for their food commodity, restaurant, or product. For example, the National Mango board and National Onion, Beef Council and so on, each have a public relations person or the representative of the commodity is there as well.

The trip included visits to some of the best restaurants in the world. NOLA the Emeril Lagasse restaurant in the French Quarter was remarkable and Dickie Brennan's Bourbon House was amazing. If we had another good meal, I am not sure we could have left! We also learned some new local store marketing techniques to share in upcoming news!

Enjoy the video of the sights we took in and the food we ate!

Beignets being made at Cafe Du Monde

Michael Fagen listens to Cecily and Jessica of Firehouse Subs discussing ideas for Restaurant Marketing Magazine at Office Hours during the IFEC event.

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