Sunday, March 6, 2011

"America's Next Great Restaurant"
tonight on NBC
America's Next Great Restaurant, on NBC, produced by Magical Elves genius Jane Lipsitz and team, aires tonight and Duke Marketing will be tuning in to watch how fast casual brands are built on TV. With celebrity chef Bobby Flay and Steve Els the darling of fast casual Chipotle financing the winners, it should be interesting to see what happens.

Why didn't these guys find a restaurant marketing expert like Linda Duke to judge the final segment and help
choose which contestant's brand can ultimately drive sales and win consumers hearts?

"I hope Americas Next Great Restaurant proves once and for all that Americia IS INTERESTED in behind the scenes of the restaurant industry and today it is ALL ABOUT MARKETING," proclaimed Linda Duke, chief executive of Duke Marketing. "I created a TV reality show idea based on my recent book Recipes for Restauratuers and tried pitching it to several production companies in Los Angeles two years ago, so let's hope America's Next Great Restaurant gets great audience viewership tonight and maybe mine will finally be ready for its own reality series! " said Duke.

For Duke's Recipes for Restaurateurs TV show, three restaurant operator-contestants are chosen to execute a recipe each week (recipe=marketing program—such as a fundraiser, a cooking competition and sampling event), and compete to increase their restaurant’s sales, awareness and success. Judges review the contestant’s recipe and determine a winner each week. The winner from each episode is given a spot in the final competition. At the end of the season the finalists will compete to become the Best Four Star Restaurateur. Finalists will execute a complicated recipe and the winner receives the grand prize and well, you get the picture.
Good luck!

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