Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Duke Marketing Publishing™, has announced the debut of the its second issue of Restaurant Marketing Magazine™”, an online quarterly restaurant industry publication to provide restaurant owners and operators, chef-rateurs™(chefs who operate a restaurant), franchisees and marketing executives from the restaurant industry with timely solutions and strategies for marketing restaurants today. T
he premiere edition debuted at the end of 2010 and the second issue is available as a complimentary download at www.dukemarketing.com home page, and future editions are available to purchase for $36 annually at www.marketing-cookbook.com/order to subscribe.

Restaurant Marketing Magazine offers limited advertising and currently is distributed to over 3000 leaders in the restaurant industry. A portion of profits will be donated to the Restaurant Marketing Scholarship Fund set up by the publisher to encourage and educate the next generation of restaurant marketing and public relations professionals in the restaurant industry. The scholarships will be given out annually and will be announced at an annual event.

Restaurant Marketing Magazine is a timely resource for restaurant executives of all types of restaurants, including fine dining to food service at retail, with stories about their own challenges, successes and behind-the-scenes look at how restaurant brands are made. Some strategic articles and some fun how-to articles will provide both senior level and management level readers with valuable content.
Be sure to subscribe! And send us your stories!

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