Friday, June 10, 2011


Duke Marketing is proud to announce our client, Straw Hat Pizza, the California based 84 unit pizza brand known for their Genuine California Pizza, has opened its newest restaurant outside of California in Montana. Our work includes the branded wall decor shown here in the photos of the new location. Our goal was to articulate the brand's 52 year heritage and update the look and feel along with new booths, bar, menu and digital menu boards.

"The first pizza I ever tasted as a kid was Straw Hat Pizza," said Linda Duke of Duke Marketing. "It has been a fantastic project working with this once exteremly popular California brand and bringing it back to life for the 21st Century. We are very proud of our work and the relationship we have with our client."

Duke Marketing also created a new add-on concept for the brand to drive incremental sales and add another daypart--snack, with the addition of weigh-and-pay yogurt, Tower 27 Yogurt. See logo below. "The Tower 27 Yogurt brand can work inside of a existing or new Straw Hat Pizza and is now being franchised as a standalone brand as well," said Duke.

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