Friday, December 9, 2011


Duke Marketing publishes its annual brief insights for Restaurant Marketers.

Duke Marketing, the California based, integrated marketing communications firm specializing in muti-location and franchise organizations, publishes its annual Restaurant Marketing Trends & Tips brief for its readers or Restaurant Marketing Magazine.

Restaurant Marketing Magazine is a quarterly in-depth online publication distributed to 3500 of the top restaurant executives at top multi-location brands. the next issue will feature the Marketing Trends for 2012. Subscribe now!

HERE IS A GLIMPSE of the first of ten Restaurant Marketing Trends and Tips:

1) Quest for Survival.
The great redwoods are hundreds of years old and without a devastating forest fire these trees cannot release their seeds and would never have new growth. The redwood fire is a perfect analogy for today’s restaurant brands. The restaurant industry has been through a devastating forest fire all its own. There will be some restaurant brands that will never come back and are gone forever. Case and point, how many restaurant chains have declared chapter 11 and shuttered locations this year? There will be some new growth on the old trees, like the old restaurant brands reinventing themselves for today’s consumer. We are seeing this with IHOP and Denny’s creating new hybrid brands along with Red Robin, PF Chang’s and others following suit. And there will be completely new growth that we have never seen before, just like some of the new restaurant brands that are popping up all over—particularly in the fast casual space. Which tree is your restaurant brand? Never to be seen again or reborn?

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