Friday, January 11, 2013


Last night I watched an interview with one of the world's greatest golfers, and Golf Central announcer, Johnny Miller.  He was being interviewed by David Feherty, another world famous golfer and announcer, who hosts his own show weekly on the cable network Golf Channel.  I was so intrigued to hear that HE KNEW when he was 8 years old that he would be a world champion.  How does someone know that at age 8?  I can't even remember what I was doing at age 8---well, yes I can....I was marketing! 

Johnny Miller grew up in San Francisco's foggy Bay Area with a membership to the prestigious Olympic Club he played as a youth.  His interview resonated with me because he said "I didn't want to do things like everyone else", "I took chances and did things that none of the other players had ever seen."  This same philosophy I try to impart on my clients and my team, to do things differently, and take chances.  It is very entrepreunerial to take chances and it isn't for the faint of heart.  But like Johnny Miller said, "taking chances can ELEVATE you higher than anyone else has gone before", "it makes you a leader".  Isn't that what building an amazing brand is all about? 

When Feherty asked Miller what was the greatest thing winning taught you?  He said, "it wasn't the WINNING that taught him so much, but OVERCOMING obstacles, was the best part of his journey to being a world champion."  I could relate to this since some of my biggest mistakes in marketing have become the best learning experience and led me to something even more amazing, then if I hadn't of made the mistake! 

Marketing a brand is very competitive and you can either sit back and do the same thing as everyone else, or you can take a chance and hit with a different club out of the sand, and make something amazing happen that no one else has ever done!  That is how to create a break-out brand! 

My company, Duke Marketing, takes chances.  We are the ones that told the world about a little Dallas based brand, Pizza Patron, who was going to accept pesos from their guests, who are mostly Latino, called Pizza por Pesos.  You may have heard about this breakout campaign, since this 60 unit restaurant chain was the FIRST in the United States to accept a foreign currency besides a bank!  The news went WORLDWIDE and the CEO even received death threats since they were calling him an immigrant lover.  The promotion was the first of its kind and took the small chain into a whole new level of awareness, sales and franchise prospects.  This is what it takes to make big things happen--just like Johnny Miller did with his golf game. 

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