Saturday, March 9, 2013

San Francisco Restaurateurs Pay the Price to Open and Then Some

Proposed Bay Area Restaurant Opposed by Marina Green Residents Who Want it Stopped

San Francisco’s pristine shoreline and best viewing spot of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and the America’s Cup yachts practicing on the Bay, is Marina Green.  Adjacent to the Marina Green is a marina, home to the St. Francis Yacht Club and the Golden Gate Yacht Club.  The Marina Green is a 74-acre expanse of grass between Fort Mason and the Presidio. This famous strip of land is facing backlash from Marina residents over the proposed restaurant planned on the Green.

Not only is the Marina Green one of the top tourist destinations in San Francisco’s Bay Area, it is also attempting to convert a long-vacant historic building on the Green into a commercial restaurant.  The Woodhouse Fish Co. would go into the old degaussing station, which should have been demolished years ago.  Now the project is being derailed by Marina residents opposing the project and want it stopped.

“San Francisco is one of the smallest cities with the biggest views and price tag to match,” said Linda Duke, of Duke Marketing.  “With lease rates at over $50 a square foot and barely room to grow, restaurant operators understand that being where the tourists and traffic gather, like the Marina Green, is the best way to generate enough sales to make money in this pricey city.” 

The Marina Green is a lined on one side by spectacular houses and on the other by the bay and the marinas. The green hosts many events on the weekends and is always full of bike riders and runners. There are running trails and bike lanes that all lead to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. There is also a nice beach, which is a good place to sit and watch the windsurfers and sailboarders glide across the bay.  Perfect for a restaurant, and plenty of customers.

Unfortunately for restaurant operators the hurdles of opening a restaurant in San Francisco is much more difficult than just planning the menu and hiring staff.  “Only the strong will survive today in the restaurant business, especially in San Francisco.  Although people still have to eat, even Marina Green residents, they will oppose and fight against anything commercial,” said Duke.  One of the Bay Area’s popular In & Out Burger outlets is the only one in the entire chain that does not have a drive-thru. “The residents of these prime Bay Area communities don’t want chains or anything commercial, and are tough to fight,” said Duke. “The Marina Green Residents who oppose the development even have their own website, “.

Duke said, “Ultimately, after more investment than the Woodhouse Fish Co. would have ever imaged, it will open and ultimately serve those same opposing Marina Green residents with a place to enjoy and eat!”     

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