Friday, August 23, 2013

Creating Contagious Content

Creating Contagious Content
What is contagious content?  Something that makes it very difficult to stop reading or looking and then recommending to others, is contagious content.  Content that attracts and engages prospects creating more sales-ready opportunities is contagious content.  Creating content that goes viral…is contagious content.
Educational content focuses on what buyers need to know. It helps them think strategically about solving the problem, begins building the business case and helps to make the choice to take action a priority.
Expertise content showcases the value your company provides in addition to your product or solution. This is the "secret sauce" that your prospects can't get anywhere else—even if they can buy a similar product down the street.
Evidence content is the proof that your company walks its talk. These are your stories of customer successes, media coverage, analyst opinions and, increasingly, word of mouth referrals and social conversational exchanges.
Ultimately, contagious content engages prospects over the long term of a complex buying cycle because it unfolds a storyline over time that helps them visualize working with your company to get the business outcomes they need to achieve.
Because your marketing content has helped them to see, breathe and taste the success, they share your ideas with colleagues and come to rely on your company's ideas as the best solution to their priority issues. And, that's just where you want them to be.
Content Audit and Assessment      
It's likely that you have marketing content that can be repurposed to gain contagious qualities. First, audit your existing content, map it to buying stages for target markets,  identify gaps and make recommendations for additions and revisions that will make your content more compelling during the longer-term complex buying process.
Content Strategy Development
The best way to use contagious content is with a plan that includes storyline development, a style baseline guide, and an editorial calendar mapped to buying stages. Utilizing a content strategy means your company will gain efficiencies in content development, share a consistent story your prospects embrace and encourage them to make faster progress to a purchase decision.
Marketing Content Development
Once you've gotten to know your buyers, completed your content audit and developed your content strategy, you'll need further content development designed to address specific target markets. The job of your content is to help buyers take next steps, building the confidence they need to make a purchase decision in your favor.
Longer sales cycles and buyer's preferences for self-education on the Web mean you need a lot of content. With the right plan, creating all that marketing content doesn't have to become a monumental task. Marketing Interactions specializes in the creation of integrated content marketing programs that help you get the most use and ROI from your investment in content assets.

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