Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Restaurant Marketers: Are you ready for Valentine's Day?


VALENTINES DAY RECIPE:  Love is in the air, but also at the table on Valentine’s Day, one of the most popular holidays to eat out during the year. Capture the sentimental spirit by creating a Valentine’s Day promotion perfect for your restaurant. Whether you want to partner with a non-profit or create the perfect mood for your guests, taking that extra step during this February 14th , which falls on a Saturday, can ensure that people choose to dine with you!



  • Valentine’s Day themed goods.
  • Special menu items.
  • Candles, flowers, champagne.
  • Other items needed depending on the promotion you choose.



  1. Give a red rose to every customer. Partner with a local flower shop. Ask a flower shop to donate red roses to your restaurant for Valentine’s Day in exchange for appetizer cards. Make a deal that for every rose they give to you that you will give them an appetizer card to hand out to their guests. It’s a perfect trade!
  2. Put some love into the menu. Make a customized Valentine’s Day specials that serves traditional aphrodisiacs such as decadent chocolate, champagne and oysters. Try using red foods to conjure up the spirit such as berries, tomatoes and peppers. Also create menu items with the intention that they are to be shared so couples or dates can experience something together. Chocolate covered strawberries are always a great dessert for Valentine’s Day.  Make a display in the dining room in view for all guests to see.
  3. Set the mood. Play up the atmospherics in your restaurant by dimming the lights, adding splashes of red on the tables, hearts, lighting candles and playing romantic music. 
  4. Partner with the American Heart Association to create a Valentine’s Day promotion that shows your restaurant cares. Donate a percentage of the entire day’s earnings or promote a percentage of dollars for a particular item during the day. Send the media a press release  in advance about the promotion.
  5. Provide take-out.   Give guest’s the opportunity have a romantic dinner from your restaurant in the privacy of their own home, especially if Valentine’s Day is on a weekday. Provide either a packaged dinner option or let customers choose from your menu.
  6. Offer a dinner package with a preset romantic menu and pre-fixed price that provides customers with a bottle of champagne, a starter, side, entrees and desserts. Try to incorporate a Valentine’s Day theme.
  7. Pass out small boxes with heart shaped coins, candy or other small trinkets inside, have a slip inside one of the boxes that says “You Won Our Heart.” Offer a complimentary entrée or appetizer for their next visit.

  • Unique promotions will get customers in the door, but great service and food will get customers to come back. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to promote trial and form a love connection with your guests for more than just one day.
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