Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Are your Stories “Shareworthy?”

Having your brand stories, news and photos become “shared” on social media is one of the keys to engaging the next biggest demographic in America…Millienial’s.

“The goal with every post or upload on social media is to engage your audience with something “shareworthy” like a great photo, a story about some cool experience, or a funny video, and get fans to become co-creators of content as well as sharing with their circle of friends,” says Linda Duke, chief executive of Duke Marketing.  “Useful information is the new cool! Turning your audience into active co-creators of content helps create loyalty,” she continued.  “Being relevant, creating adventure and rewarding co-creators with participative benefits, will get your online audiences to become story tellers of your brand and eventually become part of the story!”

Make your audience part of the story.  Talent not assets rule the online world.  Active co-creators will help make your stories shareworthy and provide better content than you could do on your own.   

Need help?  Duke Marketing creates engaging and shareworthy content and communications and provides strategic planning and calendaring for both online and offline audiences.


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