Monday, April 18, 2016

Local Store Marketing Recipe: 
Library Cookies our Libraries One Cookie at a Time





On a recent afternoon I wandered into my favorite local bakery, owned by the same husband and wife team for over 30 years, and noticed there were several tiny tots and moms with strollers in line.  I heard one little boy ask for a library cookie after the baker showed several cookies to choose from. Did the cookie look like a book or a library?  No. I asked the woman in front of me, “What’s a library cookie?” Then it dawned on me, the public library was right next door in the next parking lot. She said, “Each Tuesday afternoon the library offers a reading time for kids, and get to come and get a free cookie for being a good library listener.”
Text Box: Fun, free, events attract guests of all ages and generates loyalty.  
By Linda Duke
What a great idea to get kids involved with their local library and rewarding them at a nearby bakery.  Some restaurant marketers can use this as a solid idea to generate trial by offering the library free cookie passes.  Give the library some to hand out at the end of weekly readings for kids.  They can also hand them out to other children when they check out books. great idea is to help support the library is by making cookies that they can sell. The library can host a Library Cookie Sale or a Cookie Walk (like a Cake Walk but with cookies), and all proceeds go to promoting library programs and services.  And best of all, anyone who buys the cookies gets to enjoy a wonderful selection of your restaurant’s branded treats at the same time as giving to the library. 

Fun, free, events attract guests of all ages and generates loyalty.  The local bakery nearby the library has been giving out Library Cookies for many, many years.  Moms and their tiny tots get into a routine to visit the bakery and keep it top of mind.  Many of these regulars order cakes and pies for birthdays and some of the mom’s used to get library cookies at the same place when they were kids!


Friends of the library cookie walk generated donations for our public library and raised the level of awareness of our bakery with moms and families in our neighborhood.


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