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Local Store Marketing Diet
Proves Successful

Over the past 40 weeks, a Long John Silver’s franchisee, with two restaurants in two very small towns in Kentucky, have been on Duke Marketing’s “LSM Diet.”  With only 5,000 residents and 40% unemployment, these little towns are home to very few places to eat and business owners struggle. There aren't places to get banners made or to get flyers made. Instead they either have to drive 60 miles to the closest Staples or have Duke Marketing design, print and ship. 

Every week for the past 9 months, Duke Marketing has coached and consulted their GM’s in these small markets to focus on community participation. Medical Mondays for doctors and nurses, bookmarks for teachers and students, and Shop with a Cop fundraisers for police officers, were just a few of the Local Store Marketing tactics used.

Seniors were treated to a new Early Bird program and, “In less than 9 months we are getting trial and sales, says Raymond D. GM. “Our guests are loving our community involvement and are dining in more often. We are staying more competitive by doing outbound LSM once a week on the LSM Diet!" 

                  seniors at Hazard May 9 2016




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