Tuesday, August 23, 2016

RECESSION? Time to Reorganize & Reenergize!


Wednesday, July 27th, Bloomberg published, “Restaurant industry in recession.”

A new indicator of the US economy for the first time since the Great Depression. Besides new regulations for minimum wage, mandates for sick leave, and menu labeling for restaurant operators, there are more costs than ever before. Today restaurant brands are being forced to reorganize their communications in order to stay competitive.

There is far more than just table tents and menu boards to update and communicate with guests. Today there are numerous“ channels” to reach potential guests and communicate with your existing guests.  Now, more than ever, restaurant operators must determine which channels they will implement to stay relevant and competitive.

Brevity is the future of communication. Your customers are busy people with crowded inboxes. So get to the point!  Deliver useful  information in as few words as possible, and take steps to make your mobile, social posts and emails more relevant.  Provide content that’s fun and educational in between the promotional stuff, and look for exciting new ways to reward your best customers. 

If you can leverage your customer data to figure out what each individual actually wants and when they want it, then you’ll be in an excellent position to deliver a uniquely tailored online experience that’s sure to engage. Even though most customers aren’t ready for mobile ordering, smart restaurant marketers can see that that’s the way ordering will be three, four, five years down the road.  Reorganize your brand with a focus on  what sells today, and what will sell four to five years from now. Test new ideas for products, service and sales.

Recession is NOT a good time to cut back on marketing.  When sales are slow, restaurant brand leaders know this is the time to stay on top of consumer's minds and re-energize staff. Recessions are never desirable, but they are inevitable.  Using the right marketing strategy during tough times is the best way for your brand to  survive. Importantly, don’t decrease advertising activity. Get to know your customers and think of new ways to create value in your brand—and to distinguish your brand from others.

Use some of the new communication channels such as blogs, search marketing, and content development for your brand.  Refocus on what makes your restaurant unique and how to communicate that through social media.   Of course, everyone knows the golden arches and what they stand for. But the local coffee shop down the street can also use its brand to evoke desirable associations and attract customers. Get your social network involved in sharing your stories and content and create two-way communication with them. Sharing videos about a menu item, chef or hosting a contest for guests to post videos on social media channels, will help big time! 

Communication and sharing the organizational vision is key to reenergizing staff. If   everyone is aware of the collective vision, which leads to prosperity and success of each team member, motivation and enthusiasm become the indivisible parts of all activities.  By supporting new ideas and encourage creativity, staff will feel appreciated and reenergized!

Refresh, reorganize, reenergize!

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