Wednesday, January 25, 2017


You need to be a genius to do marketing today. Markets are incredibly complex, customers demand ever more, and competition is intense.

Marketing injects the customer insight and creative thinking that gives business its edge. However it must combine this with the analytical and commercial rigor that drives strategy, innovation and profitable growth. From the vision of Apple to the passion of Nike and irreverence of Southwest Airlines and the magic of Disney, today's leading brands and marketers think and act differently.

The genius of marketing lies in the ability to connect outside and inside, markets and business, customers and shareholders, creativity and analysis, promises and reality, today and tomorrow. Geniuses, like Einstein and Picasso, apply intelligence in more imaginative ways. They use their left and right brains to seize the best opportunities, to stand out from the crowd, and to lead the business.

Finding big ideas that define you:

A great brand is one you want to live your life by, one you trust and hang on to whilst everything around you is changing, one that articulates the type of person you are or want to be, one that enables you to do what you couldn't otherwise achieve. Brands were originally developed as labels of ownership. However today it is what they do for people that matters much more, how they reflect and engage them, how they define their aspiration and enable them to do more. Powerful brands can drive success in competitive and financial markets, and indeed become the organization's most valuable assets. Yet there are few great brands around. Most brands are still labels, relying too strongly on brand names and logos, and focused too heavily on the companies and products that they help identify. They are articulated through superficial strap-lines, and delivered through generic service. They make promises that the organization struggles to deliver, often failing to even attract attention, and rarely gaining the trust of skeptical customers.

Powerful brands have the ability to cut-through noise and competitiveness of markets, and to engage and retain the best customers in a way that delivers superior financial results in both the short and long-term.

A Genius Brand is one that:

  • Defines a compelling purpose, a big idea that stands out from the crowd, that goes beyond the product or industry, and really matters to people.
  • Reflects the customer, builds an image and reputation in the mind of the customer that has personal relevance, even if it alienates others.
  • Engages customers in achieving the big idea, delivered in a style through which people say "this is my kind of company".
  • A GENIUS BRAND is one that does things differently and delivers on its big idea.

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