Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Looking For Ways To Survive and Even Thrive In This Economy?




  1. Get out of your four walls—visit area businesses that you can partner with, non profits, schools, businesses that you can trade your product or services and complement each other in your three mile radius.  Every business is hurting today and by partnering and collaborating with those businesses in the local community surrounding your business; it will create more momentum and shared resources.  
    For some reason, operators HATE to leave their four walls.  They see it as “sales” and seem to have a real fear about going out and introducing themselves to area business owners.  The best way to overcome this is to think of it as an introduction. Since most businesses sign long leases and plan to be in their communities for 10-20 years, joining the chamber of commerce is also a good idea and meeting other business leaders in the community through their events may feel less like “selling” and a good way to find partners.
  2. Raise funds and awareness—with less money and the financial crisis, non profits, schools and other organizations that depend on government funding have been severely hurt.  By offering your business location as a PLACE or venue for these organizations to raise funds, you are supporting their cause and will reap the benefit of the consumer’s dollar when they do have to choose who to do business with.  Those that help important organizations in their community will be looked upon as leaders and will garner more awareness while helping to raise funds.
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  3. Be different— in a world of sameness ---businesses need to stand out and be different in order to be noticed.  Copying your competitors will not work in the long run.  Creating promotions, events, activities and communications that are SPECIFIC to your brand, that NO OTHER brand can claim and getting that message out there in a unique way—is the only way to break through and garner the best results.  In slow or lean times it is especially important to find your unique characteristics and make the most of those in all marketing efforts.
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