Thursday, February 23, 2017

RECIPE:  Community Clean-Up

Demonstrate that you care about where you live by hosting a community clean-up. Partner with a non profit and work together to clean up a park, beach or dirty city block near your restaurant. Provide helpers with necessary clean-up materials, snacks and drinks while your group helps to beautify your community. This program provides your restaurant with the opportunity to meet others and restore natural beauty in the local community.



1. Choose a non profit organization in your community.


2. Contact a non profit of your choice to propose a clean-up day promotion.


Note: You may want to pick a few different non profits to contact because your first choice may not be interested, or already busy or committed to another partner.


Try these non profits:

- Habitat for Humanity.

- Conservation Corps.

- Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

- City department of pollution prevention.


3. Set a date and time with the nonprofit to have a community clean up.


4. Gather the necessary materials needed for the event. The public works department or sanitary services may let you use these items. Inquire with appropriate representatives about getting these items donated. Items you need:

  • Trash bags.
  • Gloves.
  • Trash collecting tools.
  • Safety vests/cones.
  • Dumpster.

5. Send a press release to local newspapers about the event and submit your event to the chamber of commerce calendar.


6. Post flyers around your community and use check presenters in your restaurant to announce the clean-up day. This will encourage your guests to get involved.


7. Get your employees involved. Offer them incentives for helping on clean up day. See Getting Your Employees Involved recipe.


8. Meet the nonprofit at the designated area for the clean up on the specified day and time.


9. Feed the volunteers with appetizers and provide bottled water.


10. Take pictures during and after the event to send to the media, the nonprofit and post in your restaurant and on your Facebook page.


11. Thank all volunteers and give all the helpers complimentary meal cards, t-shirts or other items when the event is over.



  • Make the clean up a competition. Have different nonprofits  compete against one another to see who can collect the most trash in the designated time frame. This will make the clean up fun and create a great buzz!
  • Make sure to give the cleaners hand sanitizing products to use before they eat the appetizers at the end of the clean up.

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