Thursday, February 9, 2017

SAMPLING – Getting Food in Potential Guests Mouths!



FIVE REASONS for On-Going  Sampling:

1.  Sampling is a great way to get regular guests to try something new and up-sell them with an enticing product.  Sampling and educating existing guests about menu items helps increase trial and sales!

2. By offering free tastes it can also draw in new customers.  Existing guests tell a friend and spread the word to drive trial.

3. With your only investment being food, you get direct trial and immediate feedback from consumers.  People love free food and are excited to try something and give feedback, which can be extremely beneficial.

4. Sampling is more cost effective than direct mail when introducing new menu items.  You don’t need postage to get food in people’s mouths!  It’s just food cost!

5. A recent study regarding distributing free samples as an effective way to get consumers to purchase states: “More than half of the consumers who recalled receiving free samples reported that they either “always” or “usually” purchased the item.”

Bottom line:   Sampling turns potential guests into frequent guests and drives sales!




Let’s do this! 


1. Create a plan. Determine when your team will sample and what will be sampled. Pick Day(s) and time(s) and how many?  


2. Review the Chamber of Commerce and City websites for upcoming events to hand out coupons for free samples. Passing out offers at local events helps get the word out and makes your brand more visible in the community.


3. Choose the very best employees to pass out the samples. And give them a Sampling Script:  what are you sampling and what do they say?

You are not just passing out free food; you are influencing potential guests to form an opinion about your food. Make sure your employees are outgoing, friendly and have extensive product knowledge about the samples being passing out, from cooking preparations to ingredients.


4. Choose a day and time to sample. Whether you are sampling in front of your restaurant or at a community event, be sure to schedule the preparation time needed before the big day. Lunch time is always a great time to sample since people are hungry and giving a bite before ordering may entice them to purchase!


5.  Keep track of any comments and feedback from guests when sampling.

More marketing tactics like this? 


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